What you need to know…..about wearing Hats in the snow.


As snow once again falls across the country, we all reach more than ever for our favourite head wear to keep safe and warm. We all want our Hat of choice to remain in the best condition; so we have put together our guide to looking after your Hat in the unusual weather.

The most important thing to do is simply to leave your Hat to dry naturally on a flat surface. When you get home place your Hat flat on the table and leave it to dry. If you are left with excess water on top of your hat, which particularly with snow can happen, then simply wipe this away with a soft cloth.

If the Hat has become slightly dirty from the weather then gently wipe that hat with a soft cloth whilst it is still wet to remove any obvious staining. Once you have tended to excess water and any dirt then leave the Hat for a few hours to dry. Do not put your Hat in a box, enclosed space or Bag whilst you are leaving it to dry. Equally do not use any heat source to try and dry your Hat. Flat on a table in open air is best.

When your Hat has dried it may need a little more care depending on the style and the felt. Steam and a soft brush are the best answer to this. Should the Hat be slightly misshapen from getting wet, or have some markings left then a gentle steam and brush will sort that right out. To remove any light markings and to bring some life back to the felt, all you need to do is to hold your hat briefly in the steam from an everyday kettle. Then gently brush in an anticlockwise direction around the Hat. For any marks which are causing slightly more of a problem then usually a little more steam and attention from a good quality brush, such as the Bates Hat Brush, should remove the marks easily.

If your Hat has an open crown or has even just become slightly misshapen then a bit of steam should help you to manipulate the shape back in again and then hold that shape.

Of course if you feel your Hat needs even more care and attention, then you can bring it to your favourite Hatter for us to deal with. You may also find that over time and particularly when exposed to a lot of extra water your Hat will shrink. This is very common and it would be no problem for us to return your Hat to the right size by placing it on the block and stretching it back out. You are welcome to either bring your Hat back to the store in person, or if you are not able to make it yourself to send the Hat to us to work on.

If you have any questions about caring for your Hat then please do not hesitate to contact us.