The 12 Months of Bates

Binks The Cat

At the beginning of January we took some time to reflect on last year. So much happened at Bates last year we thought it would be good to look back at some of the highlights of the year. If you follow us on Facebook you may have seen some of the posts. But, if you didn’t get the chance or would like reminding then keep reading to reminisce about the best of 2012.




In January 2012 we beat the January Blues by going with just that colour! We put many of our top designs into work in a brand new Elixir Blue. This colour has proved very popular and is still a colour option for the Beaver 120, The J-L and The Weekender




In February we added the new Merino to the range ready for the rainy months ahead. This hat is made from treated wool felt making it 100% waterproof. Completely rollable for travel, it can be squashed and pushed out of shape quite easily without ruining the Hat. The Merino brought a very practical addition to the Bates Range.




March 2012 saw the start of a Bowler and surrealism trend. Noel Fielding wore a Bowler hat in Shortlist in an article on surrealism, depicting a version of the famous ‘Son of Man’ painting. Not long after Danny O’Donoghue wore a Bowler during the team Danny rendition of ‘Somebody that I used to know’ on the BBC show ‘The Voice’ in another enactment of the famous painting. Later in the year, fellow Voice judge Will.I.Am wore a Bates Bowler in an article with Live Magazine. What a glorious year for classic British Headwear.




Moving on to April 2012 saw our first #lovemyhat social media experiment. Stuart Witts was kind enough to recount a month with his new Hat from Bates. Stories were shared on Facebook, daily adventures with Twitter and weekly accounts on his blog. We will post up the links to the four weekly posts from Stuart as he fell in love with his Bates Hat. You can read all the posts on our Facebook and Twitter pages. We always love to hear all your stories of your Bates experience as well.




May 2012 saw the launch of 2 Brand New Hats to the Bates summer collection. The Supersoft, a Brand new Panama blocked in the traditional Fedora shape but which is soft enough that it can be rolled for travel and is also particularly comfortable to wear. The Supersoft became the most popular summer hat of the year. Also we introduced the Maboute, a new stingy brim summer hat made of a braid mix. Great for more casual wear during summertime.




In June 2012 we celebrated 91 years since Binks first joined the Bates family. All that know of Bates know of the story of how he wandered into the shop as a kitten in June 1921. Ever since then he has been well loved by all and always been with us. Sitting proudly in our shop and surveying everything both at 21a Jermyn Street and 73 Jermyn Street. Stay tuned for some upcoming Binks related news in the near future.




July was the month of the Superfino. After the very few we had in 2011 we brought a whole range back for 2012, towards the end of July the sun returned and The Superfino, the highest quality Panama available, appears to its fullest glory. The body of a Superfino can take a minimum of fourth months to make. Incredibly fine, extremely comfortable to wear and feeling like silk to the touch, this Panama redefines quality.




August 2012 saw the release of our first Bates Experience video, taking a look around the inside of our Jermyn Street store to see just what it is like inside. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can view it here.

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September 2012 saw us setting up a Bates shop on the Revival Highstreet at Goodwood Revival. We
had an amazing time at Goowood and you can relive our experiences with this video and look at the photo
album to see a snap shot of the store.

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In October we added two slightly different styles to our collection. Binks had a great time with his new Montera and Sevillian Riding Hat.




In November Bates went to The Open at Cheltenham Racecourse. A great time was had both at our Stand and watching the Racing.




We finish our reflection of 2012 at Bates with December. This month saw the arrival of the brand new Beaver Roll up. This hat has rapidly become one of our most popular styles. 100% beaver fur and now available in 6 colours not available anywhere else in our range, the release of this style finished 2012 highlighting the best quality and styles that we always aim for here at Bates.