Everyday Luxury

Everyday Luxury

When warmth is your top priority, look no further than the beanie. The casual hat, though simple in its design, is highly effective in trapping heat against the head and ears for exceptional comfort when temperatures take a nosedive. It’s also one of the most adaptable hat styles; one that won’t look out of place with all but your most formal outfits.

The best beanies utilise premium materials for added protection, which is why we make ours from 100% cashmere, a fabric prized for its naturally insulating qualities. Our specialist manufacturing partners in Italy work with only the finest fibres to create a hat of luxurious softness and incredible warmth.

In a classic ribbed design, chunky cable knit or our reversible style for easy outfit coordinating, our collection of cuffed beanies offers something for every taste. Available in a range of colours, from blues and greys to deep, rich reds and browns that chime with the current season – there’s no such thing as having too many. Why not start your collection today.


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