Fully Covered

Fully Covered

While many hats today are chosen for their style, and style alone, there’s no doubt that a good hat also works wonders to improve our comfort level on cold days. Bates’ winter-ready hats utilise the best materials to minimise heat loss and protect from the elements, and feature design details to go the extra mile – so you can too.

Our Harlem Cap is the warmest of all the caps in our collection, with an insulating fleece lining for an extra layer of comfort. It is also our only style, besides our baseball caps, to be designed with integrated ear flaps for added warmth and protection. When they’re not needed, the flaps simply tuck back up inside the crown of the hat.

Designed to see you through the worst of weather, the Harlem is available in a range of iconic fabrics known for their robust and rainproof qualities, including Austrian loden, Harris Tweed and British Tweed. Choose grey, navy or black for easy outfit pairing, or brighten up dreary days with our colourful checks. The Harlem is an essential addition to any cap collection.


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