Lighter & Brighter – Spring Flat Caps

Lighter & Brighter – Spring Flat Caps

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Although it excels as a cold-weather hat, the classic flat cap comes through all year round. In contrast to traditional wools that provide unbeatable warmth in winter, lightweight cloths and linings will keep you chilled as summer rolls around, while the peak works double time to shield from sun and showers alike.

Our spring/summer flat caps are built around nature’s lightest fabrics. Look to our linen styles for excellent breathability and classic colours of cream, grey, navy and chocolate brown, or discover our cool cottons in denim blues and exclusive bold prints. For a cap that adjusts to your body temperature whatever the weather, our herringbone-woven silk designs have it covered.

With the insides as carefully considered as the outer shells, featuring linings specially designed for maximum airflow, plus moisture-wicking fabric sweatbands, our warm-weather flat caps guarantee comfort and classic style all season long.