Most Wanted – Bestselling Panama Hats

Most Wanted – Bestselling Panama Hats

If you’re in the market for a hat that will keep you shaded from the sun while simultaneously sprucing up any outfit, look no further than a Panama. Our extensive collection of genuine Ecuadorian handcrafted Panamas offers something for every summer – home or away. Meet three of our best-loved styles…


Fine Art: Montecristi Fedora Panama

It takes the expert weaver 40 days to create this marvellous featherweight model. The fineness of the exquisite 20-grade weave gives superior sun protection, along with excellent breathability, and lends a suppleness that increases longevity. Bleached for a whiter appearance, it’s finished with a classic black ribbon and a satin sweatband for extra comfort. For anyone who appreciates the finer things in life. Price: £685


One of a kind: Mocha Brown Antibes Fedora Panama

The relaxed mocha tone, the two-tone grosgrain ribbon, the unique crisp teardrop-shaped crown – the Antibes truly stands out from the crowd. From one of Ecuador's key centres of weaving, Cuenca, this piece features the distinctive pattern the area is renowned for with its clearly visible 'rings', and takes 25-30 days to complete. A soft calfskin sweatband lends the finishing touch. Team it with a linen suit to nod to the hat’s heyday. Price: £470


Truly Timeless: Classic Trilby Panama

Think Panama hat, and you’ll probably imagine our Classic Trilby Panama. The enduring style suits almost anyone and provides reliable shade from the sun’s rays. Guaranteeing cool comfort on hot days, the weave takes 20-25 days to complete, to a grade of 14. It’s adorned with a traditional black ribbon and features our signature satin sweatband. A hat to see you through many summers to come. Price: £330





Brimming with stunning photographs, as one would expect from Assouline’s stylish tomes, Panama: Legendary Hats delves into the hat’s rich history, special weaving technique and variety of shapes, while celebrating its country of origin: Ecuador. A fitting tribute to the ‘aristocrat of the straw hats’, this is the ultimate collector’s item for hat aficionados and lovers of the printed page alike. Price: £65

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