One for All

One for All

With a style that appeals to all ages, flatters most face shapes and works in almost any social situation, there aren’t many hats as great as our Gatsby Cap. Also known as a newsboy or baker boy cap, the fuller-bodied cousin of the flat cap is a perennial classic; as popular now as it was decades ago when we first introduced the style to our collection.

Thanks to the hat’s protective properties and our extensive choice of fabrics and finishes, the Gatsby is a pleasure to wear all year round. But during this summer-to-autumn transition, the cap comes into its own, when our lightweight linens and cottons give way to luxuriously warm and tactile winter cloths. 

This season, take on traditional style in herringbone tweed, or make a smart choice with one of our solid-colour loden designs. Our handcrafted ‘Made in England' Gatsbys, in quality British flannels and tweeds as well as loden, offer a distinctive slimmer crown and narrower peak, while our ultra-warm cashmere caps are the ultimate in high-end headwear. You won’t want to start autumn without one.


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