Peak Season

The Gatsby, baker boy, newsboy, cabbie, sixpence… the rounder, fuller-bodied cousin of the flat cap goes by many names, owing to its uptake by different groups throughout history. And it’s not surprising that the accessory has always had wide appeal – it’s inherently practical, virtually ageless and adaptable to any time of the year.

An icon of the hat world, and one of our signature styles, our Gatsby cap is made up of eight panels joined together with a central button and adapts to every season thanks to our extensive choice of cloths and designs.

The Gatsby sits low on the head, its peak providing impressive sun protection – ideal for country walks and city saunters alike. The summer Gatsby can be as smart or casual as you want it to be, such is its universal charm. Find one in our collection, a wide selection now at half price, to add character to any look.