Play It Cool

Play It Cool

With its unmistakable silhouette, the flat cap has transcended time and trends to establish itself as one of the nation’s best-loved hats. And while the traditional fabrics of wool, tweed and cashmere will never go out of fashion, the distinctive style can be adapted for year-round wear simply by switching up the colour and cloth as the weather calls for it.

See through summer months in a design from our collection of Summer Sale flat caps at a huge 50% off! An essential companion for walks and pub visits – countryside or city – the flat cap is as popular for its weatherproof qualities as it is for its distinctive appearance. Our famous flat caps are made from the finest wool, loden, cotton and linen – natural fabrics that resist the wind and rain.

Choose from our iconic Made in England design, our ‘platypus’ shape flat cap from the 1930s, or our traditional medium-back flat cap. Both are offered in a wide colour palette, from versatile neutrals to classic shades and patterns, for timeless style season after season.


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