Shape Shifter – Grafton Trilby Hats

Shape Shifter – Grafton Trilby Hats

Hats have always been a powerful way to convey personal style and individuality. However, some hats go a step further to encourage a little more self-expression – such as our Grafton trilby. For discerning and aspiring hat connoisseurs alike, the Grafton invites the wearer to make it their own with an adaptable open crown.

Uniquely crafted without a pre-blocked shape, the Grafton’s soft and flexible crown can be pinched and bashed to create a style that’s distinctively yours – from a simple pinch at the front to a telescopic pork-pie-like crown – and can be restyled every time you wear it. Relaxed and versatile, it’s the ultimate everyday trilby.

Made with a full brim and a high-quality fur felt, the Grafton looks great in every season. It’s perfectly finished with an elegant square bow, a comfortable fabric sweatband and Bates’ signature satin lining. Discover our five classic colours, including ever-popular grey and dark brown. The choice is truly yours.


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