Summer Sidekick

Summer Sidekick

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The bucket hat has become a summer staple in recent years, and it’s no wonder –
the ’90s favourite, which is enjoying a stylish revival – is brimming with benefits. Designed for functionality first (the style was originally favoured by fishermen), the structure offers superior sun protection. But key to the hat’s enduring appeal, and crossover into the fashion world, is its laid-back look and surprising versatility.

Our quality bucket hats are crafted from lightweight cotton and linen –
specially designed to beat the heat, provide all-day comfort and last you for years to come. With warmer weather upon us, our easy-to-wear options have you covered for garden gatherings, summer strolls and trips to your newly reopened local.
A perfect part of our new Summer Range.



We might not be able to enjoy the Henley Royal Regatta from a riverside setting this year, but don’t forget to put on a boater hat and blazer to celebrate Henley At Home on YouTube this weekend (4-5 July). Our classic Natural Boater with black ribbon below is just the ticket.

Image © Henley Royal Regatta