The Genuine Article – Panama Hat season begins

The Genuine Article – Panama Hat season begins

Elegant and highly practical, the panama hat has been an integral part of the most sophisticated summer wardrobes for more than a century. Yet beyond its good looks and sun-shielding benefits, a proper panama is a true art form and a result of artisanal techniques passed down through generations.

Our genuine panamas are skilfully woven by hand in Ecuador (as per tradition) from toquilla palm straw, then blocked and trimmed by our partners in Spain to our exact specifications. It is the finesse and tightness of the weave that determine the quality of a Panama – the finest of which take months of painstaking work.

Offered in an unrivalled choice of qualities, our panamas range from our classic trilby and fedora styles to the higher-grade Montecristi and popular Antibes fedora. The pinnacle of our collection? Our Superfino, a hat which takes the master weaver five to six months to complete, and with a weave so exquisite, it has to be seen to be believed.

Our store might not yet be open, but you can find our full collection of panamas on our website. Check out our video to see our resident hat expert Tom Williams talk through the specifics of this true classic.

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