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Top Form

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A well-chosen hat can take a look from ordinary to extraordinary, enhancing your style and injecting unique flair. When you want to add a sophisticated yet understated edge to an outfit – not to mention an extra layer of warmth at this time of year – you can’t go far wrong with a trilby.

The Landau Trilby is a stalwart of our collection, ever popular for its classical and smart-casual appearance. Traditionally a hat for the races but now appropriate for any leisure activity, it’s crafted from the finest water-repellent beaver fur felt, which gives beautiful clarity to our eight colours and has a luxurious handle unmatched by other materials.

Featuring a ribbon with a full-bow cross finish, the Landau has a typical narrow brim, yet not one that’s considered ‘stingy’, making this a decidedly practical design. Fitted with a comfortable fabric sweatband, which enables the hat to be rolled, stow the Landau in your bag or pocket for an instant style uplift whenever you need it.



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