Winter Wonder

Winter Wonder

While it’s a myth that we lose most of our body heat through our heads, that’s no doubt that putting a good hat between us and the elements is key when it comes to staying comfortable on cool days. For a hat that offers maximum protection to minimise your exposure to the winter chill, look no further than our Harlem cap.

Similar in appearance to that of our classic flat cap, the Harlem provides generous coverage for the head and forehead, while integrated fold-down ear flaps are an additional buffer against the cold and wind. On the inside, we’ve included a plush fleece lining for further insulation and comfort.

Available in superb winter-resistant woollen fabrics, including Harris Tweed and Austrian loden – materials created to combat the harsh weather conditions of the Outer Hebrides and the Alps respectively – the Harlem is ready for anything. All that’s left to decide is country checks, green herringbone or classic black?


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