Women of Many Hats

Women of Many Hats

Even though Bates spent more than 120 years as a gentleman’s hatter until a few months ago, it may surprise you to learn that, for decades, the wearers of many of our hats – fedoras, trilbies and panamas especially – have been women. Be inspired by how these seven famous females harness the power of a hat to perfect your own personal style.



1. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Ever stylish in the city, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is often photographed on the streets of London and Los Angeles showcasing an impressive array of hats, and perfectly demonstrating how a topper can perform as an everyday essential just like a handbag or a pair of sunglasses. This two-tone fedora, for example, which the model and businesswoman wears with an off-duty T-shirt and jeans ensemble, proves how well a hat can work casually – and not just as an accessory reserved for weddings and race meetings. Find your street style in our Light Grey Rivoli Trilby

2. Juliette Lewis
For a lesson in how to wear a trilby, see Juliette Lewis. Admired for her inimitable rock ‘n’ roll style, the Hollywood actor and musician understands the power of a chapeau – and uses it to pull together many a statement look. Here, a trilby in bold royal blue brings flair to her appearance (with a hat tilt for added drama). Note that the colour of the trilby intentionally contrasts with that of her jacket, to let the hat take centre stage. Stand out from the crowd in our Elixir Blue Weekender Trilby. 

3. Cara Delevingne
Hats off to Cara Delevingne – the British model and actor is nothing if not original when it comes to her headwear choices. She famously broke with convention by donning a top hat to the royal wedding of Princess Eugenie in 2018 – and pulled it off with panache. If a top hat is too tall an order for you, try a fedora on for size. In keeping with Delevingne’s androgynous, cutting-edge style, a black wide-brimmed design such as this, is versatile for day or evening, dressed up or down. Our Black Rancher Fedora has this one covered.


4. Naomi Campbell
‘The more dramatic, sexy, or daring her wardrobe choices are, the more Campbell seems at ease,’ describes Vogue of Naomi Campbell. And indeed, the supermodel, who is one of the biggest fashion influencers of our time, has never shied away from bold statements, including standout hats. Here, Campbell tops off her perfectly polished look with a striking short-brimmed fedora – expertly matching its structured shape to the sharp lines of her outfit – while coordinating the colours of her hat, make-up, and dress to create overall cohesiveness. Find your final flourish in our Black Grosvenor Fedora.

5. Lily Cole
A panama hat is smart in every sense: offering protection from the sun’s rays, keeping the wearer’s head cool and adding effortless elegance to an outfit – as demonstrated here on model-turned-entrepreneur Lily Cole. In typical light tones, the hat invites a flash of colour elsewhere – take a tip from Cole and wear it with a bright lipstick hue. Plus, invest in a genuine panama and it will serve you for many summers to come – something we think Cole would support as a campaigner against fast fashion. Keep your cool in our Supersoft Bleach Trilby Panama.

6. Madonna
From cowboy hat to flat cap, beanie to beret, there’s no piece of headwear that Madonna hasn’t fashioned – and made fashionable – be it on stage, screen or stepping out on the street. And when the Queen of Pop wants to create a low-profile look to avoid the glare of the paparazzi, she turns to the trilby. Typically teamed with a pair of dark shades and an all-black ensemble, as pictured here, it’s the perfect way to go undercover while at the same time making a confident fashion statement. Express yourself in our Black Weekender Trilby

7. Alexa Chung
The secret to wearing a hat well, is to wear it with confidence. Model and fashion designer Alexa Chung manages this with aplomb, appearing cool and comfortable in this blue wide-brimmed fedora. If you don’t think of yourself as a ‘hat person’, take a cue here from Chung – she who never puts a fashion foot wrong – and plan your headgear around a simple outfit, like this understated summer dress. The balancing act creates a chic contrast and a less-is-more result. Stand tall in our Electric Blue Bruand Fedora.

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