Work of Art

Work of Art

There are summer hats – and then there’s the Panama. With its sun-shielding brim, breathable design and elegant shape, the traditional straw hat has stood the test of time as the symbol of sophisticated summer style. Often imitated, never duplicated, a true Panama hat is a unique work of art.

Our genuine Panama hats are skilfully woven by hand in Ecuador (as per tradition) from toquilla palm straw, then blocked and trimmed by our partners in Spain to our exacting specifications. The finesse and tightness of the weave determine the quality of a Panama (the grade) – the finest of which take months of painstaking work.

Each of the Panama hats in our collection is a showcase of the immaculate craftsmanship behind it. Offered in an unrivalled range of qualities – from our classic and bestselling Trilby and Fedora styles to our exceptional Superfino, a piece which takes the master weaver five to six months to complete – every hat is a masterpiece to own and a pleasure to wear.

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