A True Classic - Burlington Trilby Hats

A True Classic - Burlington Trilby Hats

Once as essential as a jacket or pair of shoes to a man’s everyday wardrobe, the trilby was a ubiquitous site in the fifties and sixties. Today, it’s achieved permanent cult status – a hat with an easy-going elegance that sets its wearer apart. Our Burlington trilby, an original of our collection, is an authentic example of this time-tested style.

A medium-brim trilby, the Burlington is built with a smart, fifties-style conical crown, which lends the hat a certain presence and prestige. Crafted from a rich fur felt, the Burlington features a distinctive welted edge to the brim, and is finished with our signature satin-lined interior and a fabric sweat-band.

Offered in a range of accessible shades, the Burlington also boasts an exclusive set of colours, including marine blue and bitter brown, which create a distinguished impression. Remarkably easy to wear, this trilby is the definition of suave sophistication – and a must-own for anyone who appreciates classic style.


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