Easy does it

When it comes to off-duty summer dressing – what we wear outside of work for pleasure and  downtime – effortless and low-maintenance are the adjectives we seek. We want to embrace the carefree spirit of the season via our choice of clothing, and of course, be comfortable in it. But that’s not to say that looks don’t matter. This is where the right hat can come in.

Take our new Hopsack Cotton Trilby. With a classic narrow brim and low crown, the Hopsack, a summer trilby, is defined by its lightweight cotton-linen construction. In accessible colours of navy or beige, it’s remarkably easy to wear – versatile, cool in every sense and in no way ostentatious – you could say it’s a hat for even non-hat people.

The Hopsack’s low-key elegance sits somewhere between smart and casual. It’s equally at home with a polo shirt and shorts as it is with a linen suit, making it a stylish choice for gatherings with friends, barbecues – or a staycation. Finding your next summer hat is that easy.