High & Mighty - Homburg Trilby Hats

Defined by its elegant tall crown and rolled brim, the homburg is up there with the top hat and bowler as one of the most distinguished pieces of headwear of all time. Named after the German city in which it originated as a hunting hat, the sophisticated style graced the heads of world leaders and celebrities alike in its heyday, including Winston Churchill, Anthony Eden and Al Pacino’s Godfather character (above).

Bates honours this heritage with a truly beautiful construction. Our homburgs are built with a soft, pliable crown, which lets the wearer choose how to style it – whether open (full dome) crown or with a bash and pinch for a softer look. Each piece is crafted from high-quality fur felt and features a fully lined interior and leather sweatband.

Today the homburg adds a touch of polish to an outfit, just as it’s always done. Available in a range of colours, including our bestselling dark brown, navy blue, nogal brown and classic black, each hat features matching ribbon and binding on the edge of the brim, which contrasts with the body of our lighter shades. Whichever you choose, the homburg will take pride of place in any hat collection.