Keep a cool head – summer-weight Toni Caps

Calling all cap wearers. Did you know that our summer collection makes it possible to maintain your signature style all year round? The warm-weather renditions of our Toni cap, for example, offer a fresh take on our traditional styles to give you the distinct look you love, while shielding you from the heat and sun.

For the ultimate comfort, our linen Toni caps are unsurpassed, offering a lightweight feel, superb airflow and quick moisture absorbance. Our classic colours and brighter options each display linen’s rustic charm. Elsewhere our silks boast a striking herringbone weave and heat-regulating qualities, while our cool cottons are casually smart for versatile styling.

Equipped with summer-proof linings and sweatbands, and a deep protective peak, you can call upon the Toni to cap off your every look from garden parties and sporting events to sunny outdoor adventures, while keeping your cool firmly intact.