Smart Move – Charlie Trilby Hats

Smart Move – Charlie Trilby Hats

Warm and sunny weather invariably calls for a more casual dress code, but after months of staying indoors, our collective desire to step out in style is strong. This is where our Charlie trilby comes in – an easy-to-wear piece that finishes a seasonal outfit with flair and keeps you on top form.

With a medium brim, a unique low square teardrop-shape crown, and a little less structure than our other trilbies, the Charlie produces a stylishly relaxed silhouette. Ideal for the milder months, it’s made from a high-grade, lightweight fur felt, and features our signature satin lining and a comfortable fabric sweatband.

Made to a broad colour palette, each piece is finished with a bound-edge brim which is suitably colour matched to the square-bow ribbon. Whether you wear the Charlie with the brim kicked all the way around, just like a pork pie, or dipped at the front for a classic trilby profile – this is a hat to liven up any look.


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