Panama: Legendary Hats – BRAND NEW book in

Panama: Legendary Hats – BRAND NEW book in

A true Panama hat is more than a great piece of headwear; it’s a genuine work of art with a remarkable history. We’re inviting Bates customers to discover everything there is to know about this unique design, and own an exquisite collection of Panamas, in the form of a beautiful new book from luxury publisher Assouline.

Brimming with stunning photographs, as one would expect from Assouline’s stylish tomes, Panama: Legendary Hats delves into the hat’s rich history, special weaving technique and variety of shapes, while celebrating its country of origin: Ecuador. A fitting tribute to the ‘aristocrat of the straw hats’, this is the ultimate collector’s item for hat aficionados and lovers of the printed page alike. 

And while we’re on the subject, why not explore our very own line-up of Panamas to get ready for sunnier days ahead. Skilfully woven by hand in Ecuador and offered in an unrivalled range of qualities – each and every style is a masterpiece to own and a pleasure to wear.



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