Time for Tweed

Time for Tweed

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Rugged yet refined, durable and dapper, the functional and charming characteristics of tweed have long made it the cloth of choice for the discerning dresser. Originally invented to protect Scottish farmers in harsh weather conditions, the robust woollen fabric today counts royalty and the world’s leading fashion houses among fans.

tweed flat cap is an iconic symbol of style and a cold-season staple. We’re proud to offer a wide range of caps in the finest fabrics, from iconic Harris Tweed, handwoven by the inhabitants of the Outer Hebrides, and Donegal Tweed, prized for its beautiful flecks of colour, to cloths from the finest mills in the north of England.

The allure of tweed lies in its intricate patterns and splendid colours, reflective of the local landscape. Discover a traditional earthy colour palette and modern interpretations alike in our collection, via patterns including classic checks and timeless herringbone – for pieces as rich in style as they are in history.

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