Collection: The Top Hat

Today, Antique silk top hats are highly sought after by collectors and vintage enthusiasts. They are considered a symbol of elegance and refinement, and owning an antique silk top hat is often seen as a mark of sophistication and style... Learn more.

We are proud to offer a selection of the finest reconditioned Antique Silk Top Hats. These pieces are hand-picked by our team as the ‘best of the best’ and are truly stunning examples of the hat maker’s craft. Minor fettling can be undertaken in-Store to perfect the fit and all are supplied with a Velvet top hat ‘mouse’ for polishing and classic Bates hat box.

Our 'off the shelf' Top Hats are still the epitome of style, each made from 100% Beaver Fur Felt with craftmanship that is second to none and with characteristics and details that make no two hats the same.

Please contact us for further details, including size availability on Antique Pieces.